The Race for Technology: Big data, legal framework and labor matters

Yesterday, our firm opened its doors to share the morning discussing about the phenomenon of Big Data. Our special guest and Microstrategy’s Country Manager, Luis Lombardi, talked about new ways of doing business and the control we all have as customers in the zero-tolerance environment we live in.

Based on user-experience models analysed with the data provided by their online behaviour, the new data paradigm provides not only infinite possibilities and benefits but also new concerns about regulation.

Our Head of Corporate, Felipe Oviedo Roscoe, gave us an overview about the current status of Data Protection legal framework in Argentina, the changes to come and how other jurisdictions are dealing with these issues.

Finally, Osvaldo Jofré, Head of Labor and Employment of the firm, discussed the consequences in employment of the new tecnhologies, new trends, activities that are expected to disappear in the near future and their impact in the labor legal framework. Without hesitation, very topical matters will that impact in all industries globally.